[The World is Heavy Metal - Podcast Player]

Congrats! You just downloaded the worlds premier podcast player for metal fans!

This is "The World is Heavy Metal" Podcast player v0.1.1

It indexes and broadcasts the last two episodes of all podcasters featured in the WiHM podcast directory. To add a podcast feed to this player send the rss feed adress to radiogodmode@hotmail.com or superstrille@hotmail.com. Write a professional mail regarding a podcast that has been active for atleast 1-2 years in the genre of metal/punk music. If it ends up in our spam folder..it's becaus you're a kindergarden spammer!

This is v0.1.1 so there's not much adaptations done to the usage of the podcast app. It comes to you in a archive with the basic python script that you need to double-click or run in a console window after ensuring that the needed dependecies are installed.


You need to install python. This is done in your linux package manager or by downloading for windows/mac at http://python.org. You also need the wxpython gui libraries which can be found on most linux distributions through the package manager, or visit https://wxpython.org/.

You need mp3 support enabled for your linux and foremost for your VLC media player on linux since WiHM player uses the VLC python library for it's playback. So make sure VLC is installed and that you can play mp3 files with VLC. On my PC I had VLC 3.0 installed with development packages and codecs. It was a few month ago but the python class for playback seems to not be around in 2.x vlc..so check out https://nightlies.videolan.org/index.html for the 3.0 vlc download if it isn't around on your linux distribution!

The final thing you need is the VLC python module! This can be installed with the command: "pip install VLC" or by finding it in your package manager on linux. If you can't get the module through pip you can download it here! Unpack it then run 'sudo python setup.py install'.

News: 2017-03-27, There's been some upgrades to the package that is now called v0.1.1! -Some podcasts has been added to the podcast directory! Also some minor updates to special characters in the RSS has been dealt with. If you want to suggest podcasts to the app make sure their rss accept all user-agents and have a functioning feed as well as a good mp3 header and no fishy image/html addons!

Download here: WiHMPodcastPlayer.tar.gz