Game Update 0.2 - Kingdom of Bel-Karadgaz!
Posted by rpgadmin on June 02 2015 08:22:34
Here comes the first update of v0.2 of the game!

This brings ship travel from the island Astyr to the main continent of the Eastern Sea of Astoreth, namely the kingdom of Bel-Karadgaz and the coastal city called Iltyrien Falls. Here lives shadowy elves, men, dwarves and what else might come to mind of the curious adventurer!

This update just brings the ability to travel and stay in the city of Iltyrien Falls as well as hunt at the hunting area 'Theramir's Claw'.

It also brings the finacial currency of the kingdom which is Zinou Diamonds, these exchange to Astyrian Silvercoins 100:1. You now also can loot and collect Xendril Shards on the continent of Bel-Karadgaz which do exchange to Zinou Diamonds at the rate of 100:1.

It also brings the Shadow Elf race that players can roll & play. As all other new adventurers they start their adventures on the island kingdom of Astyr and seek quarter with the Dwarves in Tilk.

They have the following base abilities:
Strength: 3d6+2 Stamina: 2d6+2 Agility: 3d6 Intelligence: 2d6+2 Psychic: 3d6 Charisma: 3d6+2

Yes also forgotten to mention! The level cap has been upped from 5 to 7! All in all it will be upped to level 10 during v0.2 and the kindgom of bel-karadgaz.

More to come in later updates, enjoy!