Game updates: Astyrian Island Duel Tournament 0.1c
Posted by rpgadmin on June 24 2014 00:16:01
Time for another game update!

Blade And Scrolls - v0.1c

Try your luck against fellow adventurers in the Astyrian Island Duel Tournament!

- Players can challenge eachother to duels by wagering a penny to whoever wins. Feel free to try this new feature by visiting Duel-Master Siroz through the 'Island Astyr Duel Tournament' link in your account. Don't forget to post error/bugs in the forum!

- As always when a new duel tournament is heard across the lands, Hill Orcs and Goblins from the mainland has come to drink, gamble and fight! They stay in Kiltstadt. Yes this means that players now can create and play 2 new races: Hill Orcs and Goblins!

Enjoy summer all!